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About PingTool Project

Where did it come from? find out below.

The idea behind this project came from the need to be informed quickly when a particular server, network, or a website goes offline. Many businesses in general depend on their network and websites for profit and could suffer large losses if their server(s) go offline and remain offline for a prolonged period of time. At the same time it is most likely a hustle for the server administrator to constantly keep checking each server's online status, as there probably are other important duties to attend to.


A solution to the situation described above is the PingTool. PingTool is completely online based tool. It keeps checking if a particular server, network, or a website is accessible from the internet and when the monitored location becomes unreachable PingTool notifies the desired party about it, using up to 3 different notification methods (e-mail, text message, and even a phone call). It definitely beats keeping a person in the server room 24/7.


Do not lose your profits and customers as a result of your network or server being offline. Sign up for pingtool and get notified in seconds when a communication problem is detected.

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