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Ultimate uptime monitoring solution that surpasses comparable services elsewhere!

  • PingTool provides you with notification service when a network, server, or web site outage occurs.
    • Monitor your servers and devices on specific ports or using ICMP
    • Web Discovery can notify you when a web address no longer returns status "200 OK"
    • Our multiple servers provide redundancy which reduces false alarms to the minimum.
    • Learn more about our Monitoring Features
  • We offer you monitoring at intervals that are not available with other providers
    • Some providers set their ping intervals to a minimum of 10 minutes
    • We start at one ping every 60 SECONDS or even lower for supreme accounts!
  • With us, you get notification options that are more diverse and user friendly.
    • REAL-TIME voice notifications to your phone!
    • E-Mail
    • SMS (text messages)
    • Unlimited number of contacts
    • Repeat Options
  • You can monitor numerous hosts at the same time
    • Start from 10 and upgrade up to 80 hosts.
    • Free accounts are limited to 1 host
  • For details about available account types visit our Sign Up page or learn more about our services.


News Feed

08/17/2013 - Planned Feature

We are currently working on a new monitoring feature which will allow you to monitor DNS servers. It will work similarly to the current Web Discovery monitoring.
You would specify a DNS address, a query host name, and an expected response. Based on your input our servers will try to... read more or discuss

07/21/2012 - False Alarm Frequency Reduced

We have been recording extensive logs in our system for the past few months. After reviewing a portion of these logs, we noticed that there was a significant amount of false notifications about hosts going down followed immediately by restore notifications. As a result we have revised some of ... read more or discuss

01/18/2012 - Host Deletion Bug Fixed

We have identified a bug which caused a host to keep being monitored even after a user has deleted it from the system. This occurred only if the host was in an active state at the time of deletion. It was fixed by a simple update to our monitoring server code.
Thank you to everyone who bro... read more or discuss

05/29/2011 - Minor updates and fixes

Contact and Host management pages received a few minor updates. In both of them we hid some of the text and made it accessible by clicking a "more..." link. This way there is more space on the screen for displaying groups and their content.
We identified and fixed a bug on the Host Manage... read more or discuss

04/02/2011 - New feature: Find Web Text

This feature is used when monitoring a website and when status “200 OK” response alone is not enough. When enabled, it tells our monitoring system to compare the web content retrieved from the web host ag... read more or discuss



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